The Worm Memorial Football Pool
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Welcome to WMFP 2010. To get to the original home page for WMFP, please follow this link: WMFP Home Page

Due to the ease of use of the Pool Host football pool Web site that we used for WMFP 2009, we will once again run our games on their site for this season. If you played in any of our games in 2009, you should not have to re-register for a new Pool Host account.

Please visit the Pool Host site to manage your personal account and join the contests you wish to play this season. As always, we will run the Big Game and King of the Hill. Other games such as Bowhead Bucks, The Defender Challenge, and so forth will be determined.

If the site requests a Pool name and password, please enter the following:
Pool Name: WMFP
Password: whodey

I will be sending an e-mail to everyone shortly with rules, fees, prizes, etc.

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